Hi, everyone!!

This is a little introduction to my blog and everything that’s going to be on it! So, yesterday I got the news that I would be attending UWC Changshu China for the year 2019-2020 (!!!). I applied through the Canadian national committee as a Canadian citizen living overseas so my application, interviews and the entire process was done online.

I always wanted to create a blog about my UWC experiences but I thought that it would be bad karma if I made a blog before I even got accepted, so that’s why I’m making one now :)) I’m planning to make another blog about my journey to acceptance, step by step, with a bunch of tips and tricks to survive the long wait, so stay tuned for that!

I wanted to keep this little introduction short and sweet, my next posts will go in-depth on me as a person and also on my application/acceptance process.

Lastly to end this, please anyone who is applying to UWC or has been accepted into UWC Changshu too, contact me on my social media’s because I would love to help/share experiences with you all!!

Well, that’s all for today folks, until next time,

❤ Nina

instagram: @nina.zaidi          gmail: zarenazaidi@gmail.com



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